Published November 10, 2022 Updated November 15, 2022

EPCS June 2022 Newsletter

This is a free sample of the EPCS Newsletter. This issue contains the following: Silk Cut • Secretary's Notes/Editorial/Feedback • Brian Hinxman • Wrapper Query • Michael Goodall Obituary • Norwegian Pack • Old Character Cards • The Thailand Playing Card Monopoly • Waddington Promotional Material • Lynx Dry • Tringham • The Dread Pirate Roberts • The Hinxman File on Wages • The Beginning of Happy Families • Winstanley 10 of Clubs • Finnish Pack - Pelikortteja • Epic Scenes from the Old Testament

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The English Playing-Card Society was formed in January 1984. Its purpose is to bring together collectors, researchers and interested persons who wish to share information concerning designers and manufacturers of English playing-cards and card games 1660-1960.

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2010 SI Units Revision playing cards

SI Units Revision playing cards

SI Units revision playing cards, United Kingdom.

1986 Hobby horse playing cards

Hobby horse playing cards

Hobby horse playing cards produced by Michael Evans in a limited edition of 350 packs, 1986.

2008 Green Cards

Green Cards

Recycled playing cards with striking, non-standard courts.

2000 Country Definitive Playing Cards

Country Definitive Playing Cards

Modern British regional postage stamps on a set of playing cards.

2022 Tarot of the Everlasting Day - AI Generated Tarot

Tarot of the Everlasting Day - AI Generated Tarot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated tarot deck produced by Marcus Katz. Is this science fiction o...

1995 Vanity Fair 1868-1914

Vanity Fair 1868-1914

Vanity Fair 1868-1914 playing cards published by Billy Bembo, United Kingdom, 1995.

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