Published July 25, 1997 Updated January 09, 2023

EPCS August 1997 Newsletter

Dark and Dastardly Dartmoor • When the Devil holds the trump card • Caught in a Trap • Thomas Gainsborough • Happy Families in Dartmouth • Globe Trotting • KAN-U-GO • John Newman Colour Cards • Dan Leno Snap • Golfing • Fishing Cartoons • Art of Nature • Express Monopoly • Enid Blvton's Centenary Year • Non Standard Packs (Part 18) The Cabinet Pack

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The English Playing Card Society's Newsletter

The Society publishes a 30+ page A4 Magazine (including colour plates) which is free to members. This is dispatched three times a year and builds up into a reference source, with an index, containing information which is not readily available through any other source. Members are invited to contribute articles to the Newsletter. Click here to read a sample newsletter.

Benefits of Membership
  • We are a Society dedicated to the study and collection of "English Playing Cards", open to all, not just English people.
  • English Games are given equal footing alongside English Playing Cards.
  • A yearly Meeting.
  • Regular 'singles' sales.
  • The fellowship of members.
  • A regular Members Newsletter/Magazine; click here to read a sample newsletter.
  • Access to all back issues.
  • We are a good medium to publish research.
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The English Playing-Card Society was formed in January 1984. Its purpose is to bring together collectors, researchers and interested persons who wish to share information concerning designers and manufacturers of English playing-cards and card games 1660-1960.