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Limited Editions

The following Special Limited Edition Packs have been issued by the E.P.C.S. and its members:

Available Now! - Simon Wintle's Spanish Suited playing Cards.

This Spanish suited pack of playing cards mimics sixteenth century Spanish production and is based upon surviving specimens.

Decks are made up on two-ply pasteboard. Suits are Coins, Cups, Swords and Batons. 48 cards + 1 extra card. Reverse: plain. Size: 48mm x 75mm.

Copies are available upon request direct from Simon Wintle, price £30 each plus postage.

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Two of Clubs Caballero of Coins Ace of Coins Sota of Cups

1988 - Woodblock and Stencil pack

Replica of 17th century English playing cards manufactured in the traditional method, printed from woodblocks and hand coloured using stencils. Sold in wrapper plus box. Designed and produced by Simon Wintle (limited edition - sold out). A new replica pack is available.

Wintle pack

1993 - E.P.C.S. 10th Anniversary Transformation pack

Designed and produced by Karl Gerich, hand-printed from etched copper plates and hand-coloured with stencils (without using child labour!), these strikingly original cards illustrate popular nursery rhymes, whilst the court cards feature characters from pantomime and fairy tales (limited edition - sold out, very scarce). Karl Gerich (formerly Victoria P.C.C.) has produced several hand-made packs. To learn more about Transformation playing cards, click here. To discover more about Karl Gerich and his playing card designs, please visit our online Gallery of Playing Card Artists and Designers: 'On The Cards…' and click on 'Karl Gerich'.

Karl Gerich cards Karl Gerich cards

Available now! - The E.P.C.S. 15th Anniversary Pack

High quality, linen finished playing cards with modern court cards, 2 jokers and 4 Special Aces in special box. Limited edition, designed by Donald Welsh and produced by Games & Print Services Limited, Canvey Island (available from the E.P.C.S., tel: 01225 465218)

You can win a free copy of this pack in our monthly competition… click on the Competition link to the left.

EPCS 15th Anniversary pack EPCS 15th Anniversary pack joker

Available Now! - The EPCS  Millennium  Deck
Millennium Pack Millennium Pack The 4 suit signs in the Millennium Deck

This non-standard pack depicts memorable events and people from the 20th century in the form of a high quality, silver edged, commemorative souvenir pack of cards.

Suits are Roses, Thistles, Shamrock and Leeks, evoking the heraldic badges of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Designed by Simon Wintle & Donald Welsh (available now from the E.P.C.S. and at selected retailers).

Click here to see more images and further details of this pack, and how to order copies directly from the E.P.C.S.

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