The English Playing Card Society Constitution

    1. The name of the Society is The English Playing Card Society and its official address shall be that of the Society Honorary Secretary.
    2. The Society shall not engage in any political activities. It shall be non-profit-making, and for its internal activities, it shall be governed by the Law of England.

    1. To encourage, promote and facilitate research into the history and development of English playing cards and card games.
    2. To provide a forum for the exchange of views and information between collectors, researchers, archivists, designers, manufacturers and dealers.
    3. To draw up listings of manufacturers and their products in as complete a form as may be possible bearing in mind the passage of time and lack of company records.

    1. Membership is open to any individual, organisation or institution. Application for membership shall be made to the Secretary, and an applicant admitted to membership on payment of the appropriate fee.
    2. The full benefits of membership shall include attendance at Society Gatherings (Section 7); receipt of publications, including the Newsletters, and this Constitution; an information service; a list of members published annually, with their interests; access to sales lists and postal auctions.
    3. Members' details will be held on computer for Society communications. Names and addresses are for the exclusive use of members only and are not to be disclosed to third parties.
    4. New members shall pay on joining a full annual subscription (Section 6) and receive the full benefits of membership. If joining between 1st January and 31st August they shall be entitled to the complete set of Newsletters and any other publications for the year. A member joining on or after the 1st September shall be granted membership for the remainder of the year and the next complete calendar year, and receive all publications issued during that period.
    5. Members are encouraged to further the aims of the Society by providing such support as each can best give towards its activities, including Newsletter production and attendance at gatherings.
    6. The Committee reserves the right to withdraw membership from any member who brings the Society into disrepute.

    Following discussion in the Committee, the Chairman shall invite an individual to serve the Society as President, normally for a five year period. The role shall be to represent the Society at other events, and appropriate duties shall be agreed with the Committee.

    The activities of the Society shall be directed by the Committee having a maximum of 8 members who may serve in one or more of the following roles:
    1. The Chairman who will be elected from Committee Members at its first meeting after the AGM if not previously nominated and elected by Members at the AGM.
    2. The Society Honorary Secretary who will maintain the records of membership and promulgate a List of Members annually, normally with either the first or second Newsletter of the year. He/she shall also deal in the first instance with any correspondence to the Society, forwarding it to such other members who may be better able to respond.
    3. The Editorial Co-ordinator who will be responsible for the production of the Newsletters.
    4. The Treasurer who will be responsible for the financial accounts of the Society, presenting them for scrutiny by an independent accountant annually. A balance sheet shall be prepared each year and circulated to all members.
    5. The Events Organiser who will be responsible for arranging each of the bi-annual Gatherings and any other Society meetings to be arranged by the Committee.
    6. The Auctioneer who will prepare details and conduct regular postal auctions, and any live auctions at Gatherings as agreed by the Committee.
    7. The Information Officer who will maintain the records of the Society and any packs etc as shall be accumulated. He/she will be a key resource for those carrying out research.
    8. The Internet and Publicity Officer who will explore ways to promote the Society via both written and electronic means.
    9. Members without Portfolio who will be available to assist the Committee as may seem appropriate.
    10. Committee members will be elected, firstly, for a four year term. They may be nominated for re-election for subsequent terms not exceeding three years each.
    11. The Committee will meet at least once between each Gathering as shall be arranged by the Chairman. One member shall carry out the duties of the Committee secretary.
    12. Committee members shall be entitled to reclaim reasonable expenses associated with Society business including stationery, postage, printing, telephone charges and travel to Committee meetings.

    The Committee shall fix the annual subscription payable in advance on 1st January each year. Fees may be set for UK members, members resident overseas, joint memberships and junior members. A separate rate may be arranged for receipt of the Newsletters via the Internet when available. A membership not renewed shall cease on 31st March.

    1. The Society shall hold at least two Gatherings per year, in spring/early summer and autumn, on dates to be set by the Committee. Facilities shall be available for members to exchange relevant goods. Arrangements shall be made for a speaker or a discussion on an appropriate topic. The first Gathering each year shall include the Annual General Meeting of the Society at which Committee Members shall review activities of the past year and plans for the current one. New Committee Members may be nominated and elected.
    2. Time shall also be made available at other Gatherings for Society business to be discussed, as decided by the Committee.
    3. Resolutions affecting the Constitution shall be notified one calendar month in advance so that members shall have a postal vote. Taking them into account where appropriate, resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority of those voting.

    1. Financial assets considered surplus to the immediate requirements for running the Society shall be invested favourably as agreed by the Committee.
    2. Material goods which may from time to time accrue to the Society are to be placed in the charge of a Committee Member(s) as arranged by the Chairman. An appropriate financial valuation is to be made annually and included on the Balance Sheet (paras 5.4 & 7.12).

    The Committee shall verify that venues for Society Gatherings and meetings carry valid Public Liability Insurance.

  10. RULES
    Subject to confirmation at a Gathering, the Committee may make rules regulating the activities of the Society not covered by this Constitution, and make proposals for amendments to the Constitution.

    Specific approval by the Committee is required for use of the name of the Society, and no member shall carry on any professional or trading activity, including the publication of  articles, in the name of the Society, or with the implication that his/her activities are commended or supported by the Society. The Society shall not be held liable for information or opinion given by individual members.

May 2000.