Ace of Roses

King of Thistles

Two of Roses

Five of Shamrocks

Union Jack The ENGLISH PLAYING CARD SOCIETY presents the

An historic souvenir of the 20th century
as a pack of specially commissioned playing cards
presented in an attractive box.


A unique Limited Edition pack of retrospective playing cards celebrating the Millennium and commemorating prominent people and significant events of the 20th century.

The SUIT SIGNS are: Roses, Thistles, Leeks and Shamrocks, alluding to the heraldic badges of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales in place of the normal spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs.

60 CARDS:  The colours of the suits are Blue, Red, Green and Black. The pack also contains extra descriptive cards, making a total of 60 cards.

There are three JOKERS, including a blank one entitled "The Great Event of Your Life".

The packs come finished with luxury SILVER EDGES and the cards are linen finished.

Back of CardsThe reverse features profiles of our five Sovereigns of the 20th century: King Edward VII & VIII, King George V & VI and Queen Elizabeth II against a Royal Blue background.

The Society has presented a pack to Her Majesty the Queen.

INVEST NOW!!! Packs may be ordered directly from the Society. Cost: £16 per pack including Free postage & packing worldwide.

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Entire pack ©1999 EPCS.

  Nine of Leeks

Two of Shamrocks

The Joker

Ace of Thistles

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